Aluminum Wheel Repair Near Me in Coppell

Aluminum wheels are the most common type of wheel on the road today. Unfortunately, because aluminum is such a brittle metal, these wheels are more prone to bends and cracks, as well as curb rash. One major misconception about aluminum wheels is that once they are bent they cannot be fixed. This is not true. They can be fixed and should always be fixed by a professional. Please do not attempt to hammer any bends out yourself, this will only further damage your wheel. 

We Provide Aluminum Wheel Repair

If you are in the DFW area and have been searching for an expert in wheel repair near you, search no further. We have been recognized as an industry leader in the Dallas area and have provided our customers with professional service and work since 2001. Our services include:

  • Wheel Straightening
  • Curb Rash
  • Bent Rims
  • And More

If your vehicle has suffered damages such as curb rash, cracks or bends from potholes, or even accident damage, our professional team can help! We can even rescue you from accumulating extra costs with a vehicle you have leased and need help fixing before you return it. 

We Provide Wheel Repair For The Coppell TX Area

Our shop is located in Carrollton, Texas, but we also provide fast and quality service to many surrounding areas, including Coppell, Texas! We can schedule a drop-off time and will be sure to have your car back to you fast so that you can get back on the road safely and rolling back at 100 percent! At Wheel Repair Solutions, we don’t just know a thing or two about wheels and repair, we also love what we do and it shows through our work. 

Commonly Asked Questions Involving Aluminum Wheel Repair

There can be quite a few questions when it comes to the upkeep and repair of your vehicle’s alloy wheels. Here is a few commonly asked question that we have answered for your convenience: 

How Do I Know If My Alloy Wheels Are Bent?

Some telltale signs that your vehicle’s alloy wheels have been bent may include excessive shaking and poor steering of your vehicle. You would also begin to see uneven tire wear. 

What Does A Cracked Rim Feel Like?

While some cracks may be visible to the eye, others can also be heard and felt as you are driving in your car. Possibly the most noticeable symptom of a cracked rim is a sound that would feel like it is a continuous vibration in the vehicle’s steering wheel. You may also experience what would feel like different sounds coming from the direction of the cracked wheel. 

Is There An Estimated Timeframe For How Long The Repair Might Take?

Here at Wheel Repair Solutions, we pride ourselves in fast and professional work and we try to have our customers’ vehicles back to them in about 45 minutes. In specific situations, we can do on-site wheel repair. However, many of our customers simply bring their cars into our shop for any necessary repairs. 

Contact Us For Aluminum Wheel Repair Assistance

A damaged aluminum wheel can create serious and costly issues with your vehicle if not fixed quickly. So, if you or someone you know has a vehicle that requires wheel repair contact us, the professionals at Wheel Repair Solutions. We will provide you and your vehicle with quick and professional service, allowing you to get back on the road safely and in no time.

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