Aluminum Wheel Repair Near Me in Frisco

Although your vehicle’s rims can often look shiny and tough, the truth is that they are not indestructible. A common road hazard that can wreak havoc on your rims is the well-known and often not-missed pothole. Potholes can crack, bend, and scratch your vehicle’s rims. Curbs and sharp turns are other common hazards that drivers often come in contact with and see damage from. The good news is that damaged and bent rims are no problem for the wheel repair specialists here at Wheel Repair Solutions near Frisco, Texas! 

We Provide Aluminum Wheel Repair Services

Since 2001, our family-owned and operated business has made our personal goal to be the very best at what we do here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our specialists supply customers with rim repair services including wheel straightening, curb rash, bent or cracked rims, and more! At Wheel Repair Solutions, we take pride in what we do, which means your vehicle and its wheels will receive only the highest quality and attention. And before any work is done, we will even supply you with a free quote so that there are no surprises to your budget and wallet.

We Proudly Serve Frisco, Texas

If you or someone that you know requires aluminum wheel repair services and lives in or around Frisco, TX, don’t hesitate to call the professionals here at Wheel Repair Solutions! The DFW is a massive and wonderful place to live, and our rim repair services are offered in many surrounding areas, including Grand Prairie, Garland, Pano, Irving, and many more! Don’t let your vehicle suffer from a damaged rim; bring it in, and let us help get you back to rolling smoothly and safely.

Commonly Asked Questions About Repair Services in Frisco, Texas

Below we have answered a few commonly asked questions about aluminum wheel repair.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bent Rim?

A few of the most common symptoms of bent rims include vibrations in your steering wheel or seat, a decrease in your fuel economy and the handling of your vehicle, and a thumping sound while driving. If your rim is bent significantly enough, you may be able to visually tell that it is bent, however, this is not always the case. 

Can I Fix A Bent Rim Myself?

With plenty of DIY videos and tutorials online, it is possible to repair yourself if you have the confidence and general know-how to fix the issue, and it is not too severe. However, alloy wheels can be challenging to repair at home and would be best left up to a wheel repair shop or tech who can ensure that the repair is done right. It is often better to consult a rim repair professional rather than further damage your wheels due to a poorly educated attempt at doing something yourself because a video online said you could. Save yourself time, frustration, and money, and bring it to us.

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When it comes to the health of your vehicle and its wheels, you want the best in the Metroplex, and that is us, Wheel Repair Solutions. We offer high-quality repair services in Frisco, Texas, at prices that won’t make you flinch. Our shop specialists love what they do, which shines through the service we provide. Don’t settle for less when you and your vehicle deserve so much more. Call us today so that we can help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

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