​​Aluminum Wheel Repair Near Me in Hurst

Family-owned and operated, our business has been ensuring that drivers get what they want at a price that they can afford since 2001. Your vehicle represents a huge investment on your part which is why we treat it with the utmost care and provide only quality repair and customer care to every one of our vehicles and our customers.

Here at Wheel Repair Solutions, we love what we do and we take pride in our workmanship. Using our patented systems and applying the highest attention to detail, our certified team will work hard to make sure that your wheels don’t leave our shop until they shine like new once again!

We Offer Real Wheel Solutions

By working directly with local businesses and car owners, we bring bent and scratched rims back to life! Your vehicle’s wheels and rims have to endure a lot from the roads that you take. With our specialized wheel repair equipment and machinery, we provide high-quality refurbishing and repair services for car owners and local businesses that care about the visual appeal and proper functioning of their vehicle’s wheels and rims. We are an industry leader in wheel repair, as well as offer services that include refinishing, custom color changes, and rim restoration. 

Our Team Is Proud To Service Hurst TX

Are you currently residing in or around Hurst, TX, and in need of quality wheel and rim repair services? If yes, Wheel Repair Solutions is the answer to your problems. We also provide our wheel repair and refurbishment services to surrounding areas including Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Plano. Our team of professionals can help you schedule a drop-off time for your vehicle and will work hard to get it repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. Don’t delay, drive in and see us today!

Commonly Asked Questions

Below we have answered a few commonly asked questions when it comes to wheel and rim repair services:

Can Alloy Wheels Be Refinished?

Absolutely! And while there are plenty of online DIY instructional videos and blogs for refinishing your vehicle’s wheels, hiring a professional (like the ones you will find at Wheel Repair Solutions) ensures that you get exactly what you pay for. Don’t waste your precious time or money with a job that we can do for you and make sure it delivers the look and feel that you want the first time! Don’t risk it, let us fix it! 

What Is Wheel Remanufacturing?

Our wheel remanufacturing service includes welding, CNC technology, powder coating, and polishing, all of which are sure to fully remake your rim and have it look brand new once more. Some wheels may be too severely damaged and not a good candidate for remanufacturing. Our team will be completely transparent with you when evaluating your wheel and will provide you with only the best and safest options for getting you back on the road. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bent Rim?

Signs and symptoms of a bent rim can include uneven tire tread wear, vibration in the steering wheel or seats, an increase in noise from the road when driving, a decrease in fuel economy, and poor handling of your vehicle. If your vehicle is driving on a bent rim, it is best to repair the rim as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your wheel and/or vehicle, as well as keep the cost of repair from increasing that usually occurs when vehicle owners wait for a repair. 

Drive In And See Us Today

Have you been putting off fixing your vehicle’s wheels? If yes, then you may be contributing to the problem, as well as unknowingly increasing the cost of repair. Our exceptional team will provide you with quick and professional services and care, ensuring that you get exactly what you pay for. Don’t wait another day before you come in and see us. Contact us today and let’s get your drop-off time scheduled now!

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