Bent Rim Repair in Hurst

Bent rims are nothing to brush off as not a big deal. If you live in the Hurst, TX, area, Wheel Repair Solutions can help you. We are a reputable business in Carrollton, TX, a place with professional technicians for the job. You will be so happy you chose to get the problem fixed in a timely manner.

Service To Repair Bent Rims

If you have a bent rim, Wheel Repair Solutions can help you get it taken care of. You can experience many additional problems from a bent rim incident occurring to your car. You will want to have the professionals at our company take a look as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you’re driving a safely operating vehicle, and you can rest assured that your car is running correctly. 

Our bent rim repair services are thorough and trustworthy. We will assess the problem and let you know our recommendations for repairing the damage. The steps will vary depending on the situation at hand. Most services will include these steps:

  • Heating The Surface
  • Molding It Back To Original State
  • Sanding, Buffing, and Powder Coating
  • And More or Less

We Work With Hurst, TX

At Wheel Repair Solutions, we work with the beautiful people of Hurst, TX. Our business is located just a short distance away in Carrollton, TX. We take great pride in the ability to outstretch our services to many surrounding areas. Hurst is primarily located within the limits of Tarrant County. The population is roughly 38,000 plus people.

Do You Have Questions?

Feel free to contact Wheel Repair Solutions to get the information you need about our services. We are always happy to answer the phones and talk with our customers. Here are a couple of examples to show you the type of questions our customers have asked us. 

What Is The Cost To Repair A Bent Rim?

Bent rim repairs are hard to price out at one particular cost. It is because the money can vary depending on the amount of damage done. For more information about our prices, call Wheel Repair Solutions now. 

Is It Cheaper To Have Repairs Than To Replace The Rim?

It is always cheaper to let a professional make bent rim repairs to your vehicle. A new replacement will cost a lot more money to find, order, install, and any other needed services. 

Call For More Info

Wheel Repair Solutions wants to talk with you about the damage to your car. We would love to make you an appointment and get started on the services to get your vehicle back in working order. Call today to get an appointment on the books and get any additional information you need.

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