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Are your wheels looking and feeling worn lately? Wish they had that new wheel feel again? We can help! At Wheel Repair Solutions, we offer Garland, TX, residents quality services for repairing and refinishing your ride’s wheels! Visit us today for transparent prices and solutions for your wheel issues.

We Offer Quality Bent Rim Repair

A damaged wheel may have more issues than what can be seen on the surface. Your vehicle’s safety, ride quality, and performance may be impacted by damage caused by potholes and other road hazards that are difficult to notice. Our professionals will inspect and correct any bent areas we find, using specialized tools to straighten them back to perfection.

We Serve The Area Of Garland TX

More than 240,000 people call Garland home, the sixth-largest city in the DFW Metroplex, one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions, out of a total population of over 7,500,000. The population and communities of Garland are diversified, skilled, and stable, providing a solid foundation for future growth.

We take immense pride in providing some of the best rim repair services. For quality you can rely on and friendly service and prices, stop by and see us at Wheel Repair Solutions in Garland. We also proudly serve many surrounding areas in the Metroplex, including Arlington, Carrollton, and Grand Prairie.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bent Rim Repair

At Wheel Repair Solutions, we value our customers and want to provide the best experience for them. For your convenience, we have answered a few of the more commonly asked questions that we receive from our customers. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Bent Rim?

Depending on the severity of the bend in your rim, there are serval symptoms that you may experience while driving your vehicle. You may have a bent rim if you hear or feel strange vibrations from your vehicle while driving. You may also experience vibrations felt in your seat while driving. Squealing tires, poor steering, and low tire pressure can also indicate a bent rim on your vehicle. 

How Can I Check If My Rim Is Bent?

Some bend and dents in your rim (especially severe ones) can be identified visually and immediately. You could have trouble seeing visible damage to your wheel if it has huge metal or plastic hubcaps. Hubcaps must be taken off so you can inspect them. Once the tires have been removed, carefully examine each one for any dents or other damage so you can straighten, fix, or replace it. By bringing your vehicle to our trained professionals, we will ensure that if your rim is bent, it is quickly found and repaired to save you future frustrations, time, and money.

How Did My Rim Get Bent?

Usually, an impact while driving results in a bent rim. Road hazards, such as potholes, speed bumps, and curbs, are often to blame for a bent rim. Driving your vehicle with underinflated tires can also result in a bent rim. This is because when your tire is underinflated, it has less space and pressure to help brace for sudden impacts like driving over a pothole. Rust and corrosion also contribute to bending your vehicle’s rims. For improving the health, life, and look of your car’s rims, contact Wheel Repair Solutions today. 

Contact Us Today for Help With Repairing Your Bent Rim

Never ignore a bent rim, which might result in low air pressure, poor fuel efficiency, poor handling, or a tire blowout. Don’t put your life or your car at risk! Today, visit Wheel Repair Solutions in Garland, Texas, for fast and friendly service. Let us help you repair or replace your damaged or bent rims soon. Contact us now.

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