Bent Rim Repair Near Me in Richardson

Your car’s wheels and tires are indeed “where the rubber meets the road.” Your vehicle’s wheels and tires may not be the first thing you think of when considering vehicle maintenance and repair. However, rims that have become damaged or bent can be hazardous to drive on and expensive to fix if neglected for an extended amount of time. Any car with a damaged wheel can get straightened out quickly at Wheel Repair Solutions. Our wheel repair services can help you save thousands of dollars whether you own the vehicle or are leasing it. Contact us today!

We Offer Bent Rim Repair

A professional with experience in wheel repair must complete the repair to straighten a bent rim safely. Whether your damaged wheel is made of an alloy or another material, we have over 90 years of combined expertise in the business and know how to restore it. Our specialists will provide the best repair options for returning to the road quickly and safely. To schedule a drop-off time for your car, contact us right now. 

We Serve The Richardson Area

Richardson is located in Dallas County and is a terrific place for families and young professionals to lay down roots. With attractive parks, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other family-friendly activities, Richardson has a little bit of everything for everyone. And the best part is that the hustle and bustle of Dallas’ busy streets and scenes are never too far away. If you’re looking for bent wheel repair services near you in Richardson, visit us today! We also serve many surrounding areas, including Coppell, Hurst, and The Colony.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bent Rim Repair

Below we have addressed several car owners’ frequently asked questions regarding their vehicle’s bent rims and repair options. 

What can cause my rim to become bent?

Despite rims being made from steel, aluminum alloy, or chrome, they can still be damaged by heavy impacts on the wheel area. Potholes, curbs, speed bumps, and other road hazards are often to blame for a bent rim. 

What are the symptoms of a bent rim?

Depending on how badly it is bent, a rim may display any number of symptoms. Some symptoms might be: 

  • A vibration that may be felt in the steering wheel or seats
  • Uneven wear on your vehicle’s tires
  • Increased road noise
  • Less responsive handling
  • And a decrease in fuel economy

Can under inflated tires cause bent rims?

A fundamental rule of automobile safety is that tires should be properly inflated, and improper tire pressure can result in bent rims. Many motorists are unaware of how poorly inflated tires can cause bent rims. Your rims are more vulnerable to damage from bumps, rocks, and ruts while driving on rugged roads with low-profile or improperly inflated tires.

Contact Us Today For Help With Repairing Your Bent Rims

You risk endangering both your car and yourself if you continue to drive on a bent rim. Contact Wheel Repair Solutions professionals immediately if you have a damaged rim. In addition to setting up a time to drop off your car, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of the cost of your wheel repairs. Contact us now and schedule your next repair.

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