Bent Rim Repair Near Plano

In addition to compromising your safety, bent rims and wheels may damage your vehicle’s visual appeal. Bent rims also contribute to vibration, poor gas mileage, increased tire wear, and even the potential for deadly blowouts at the most inopportune and unexpected moments. For quality repairs that are fast and affordable, bring your vehicle to us at Wheel Repair Solutions.

We Offer Bent Rim Repair

Why replace when you can repair? Rims can be notoriously expensive to purchase and replace, so it only makes sense to bring your rims to the experienced and skilled professionals here at Wheel Repair Solutions. For a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your rims, we can bend them back to new for you. Don’t let a damaged rim bend you out of shape! Schedule your repair today!

We Serve the People Who Live In Plano TX

Plano, TX, began as a small, peaceful farming community. It has developed into a recognized city nationwide for its healthy population, incredible quality of life, solid workforce, and job market. Around 284,579 people live in Plano, along with over 10,000 enterprises and several Fortune 1000 organizations. Plano, the fourth-largest city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the ninth-largest city in Texas is perfectly suited to meet its loyal residents’ and corporate community’s expanding demands.

We refinish, remanufacture, and repair wheels here at Wheel Repair Solutions. Our collective experience of more than 90 years allows us to fix any type of alloy or other material wheel. Come visit us right away for quality repairs if the rim on your vehicle is bent. We also provide service to a wide range of nearby communities, including Irving, The Colony, and Hurst. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Bent Rim Repair

Our top priority is providing excellent customer service. We value your business and are committed to providing excellent wheel repair services and responding to any questions you may have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about repairing bent rims. 

Should I Replace My Rim If It Gets Bent?

Absolutely not. A bent rim is not necessarily a death sentence for your vehicle’s wheels. Many dents and bends in rims can be fixed if addressed sooner rather than later and before the damage has been given enough time to become significantly damaged and bent. The sooner you schedule a repair, the better your chances of finding a quality price and repair for your ride. Contact us now for honest solutions and budget-friendly pricing.

How Will You Repair My Bent Rim?

We use a special machine in our shop that keeps your rim in place while we heat the metal and bend it back to its original shape. In our business, we employ a device that keeps the rim in place while we heat the metal and bend it back into the proper form to make it appear brand-new. We’ll use different shoes to level the surface depending on the dimensions and type of rim. We also ensure the wheel’s radial runout is accurate to prevent you from experiencing a rough ride when driving.

How Much Does Repairing A Bent Rim Cost?

The true cost of the repair will depend on things like the type of damage, how severe it is, and the type of wheel that requires repair. For an accurate cost estimate, feel free to give us a call and one of our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have concerning pricing and services. 

Contact Us For Help With Repairing Your Bent Rims

For quality and fair repair solutions and prices, The city of Plano trusts the specialists at Wheel Repair Solutions. Contact us now for help with getting back on the road damage-free today! Just fill out our online appointment form or give us a call to schedule. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with quality and quick service and repairs. 

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