Bent Rim Repairs in Grand Prairie, TX

Trust your wheels to the experts; trust your wheels to Wheel Repair Solutions. Our business is family-owned with over 20 years of experience. We have a reputation for high-quality repairs and excellent customer service, all at a low affordable price. Our staff is highly trained and ready to help you.

Bent Rim Repair

When you have a bent rim, it can place you and those in your car in danger. Bent rims can happen when you hit a curb, a pothole, or even in an accident. Do not spend the extra money replacing your rim when you can simply have them repaired.

No matter the style, alloy, steel, or even custom, we can help when they are damaged. Our staff has been trained and has many years of experience with bent rim repair. They use a machine that holds the rim in place; this allows them to heat the metal and bend the rim back into the correct shape. Our team also makes sure the radial runout on the rim is correct to ensure you have a smooth ride. 

Straightening your rim requires many years of experience and being trained correctly. While it can seem easy, do it yourself project, please leave it to the professional. Trying to straighten your rim yourself can cause more damage and could cause you to have to replace it. Putting off the repair can lead to more damage, something no one wants. Do not delay in getting your bent rim repaired; give us a call today.

Bent Rim Questions

Our team often gets asked about bent rim repairs; some of our more common questions include:

What are signs of a bent rim?

The most common signs of a bent rim are vibration in the steering wheel, vibration in the seat, less responsive handling, and decreased fuel economy. You may also hear a thumping sound while driving.

What can happen if I don’t fix my bent rim?

If you do not catch your bent rim in time or decide to drive on it anyway, you can have an air leak out of your tire, leading to decreased fuel economy. You can also have poor handling of your vehicle. It could even result in a flat tire or, worse, a blowout. These are both pretty dangerous, especially if you are traveling on a busy roadway/ Bent rims can also cause your vehicle to wobble and make it unstable. 

Repairs in Grand Prairie

Wheel Repair Solutions is happy to offer our services to customers in Grand Prairie. Our office is located in Carrollton, Texas, about a 25-minute drive from Grand Prairie. We also provide wheel remanufacturing and wheel refinishing for all of the surrounding area customers.

Give Us a Call

If you have been waiting to get your bent rim repaired, wait no longer. Give the team at Wheel Repair Solutions a call today. We can be reached at 972-242-6700 and are now offering extended time for drop-offs. 

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