Refinishing Wheels in Dallas

Do you have damaged rims? Do you want a new appearance to old and worn out rims? Wheel refinishing is the service that you are looking for. If you live in or near Dallas, TX, you are in luck. Wheel Repair Solutions is able to provide this service to you, among many others.

How We Can Help With Refinishing Wheels

Our services for wheel refinishing is how you can make dull and scuffed up rims look brand new again. We can bring them back to life and save you money by not having to purchase new ones. Over time minor damages will happen, even without an incident to pin it to. 

If you are ready to take your vehicle in and have this all taken care of, we would love to be the company that you rely on for this service. The major way that we make these tires look so good in the end, is the stripping process. This leaves you with a bare surface to work with and create an amazing looking end result. If you are in the market for a new color or finish, this is when that can be done. 

Dallas, TX Is A Great Place

Wheel Repair Solutions is located in Carrollton, TX, just a short distance from Dallas. That makes us a great option for the vehicle repair services that you are needing. Dallas is a wonderful community and a highly populated city. There are roughly almost 1.5 million people who call this great city home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, needed information, or concerns about how our services work, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to provide you with the answers that you are needing. To help you out, we have provided a couple of the frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. 

How Much Does Wheel Refinishing Cost?

We cannot give you an accurate cost that this service will cost you. Many factors go into the final cost. For a more precise idea of what you can expect to pay, you can contact our office. One of our service providers can speak with you about what the prices are. 

How Long Do Painted Rims Last?

The key to long-lasting painted rims is to have them done by a trained professional. When this service is done properly, it can last you forever. 

Contact Wheel Repair Solutions Today

Are you ready to have your wheels refinished with Wheel Repair Solutions? You can call our office today to set up an appointment and get any additional information that you need. We are happy to know that you trust us with your vehicle and the services that it needs. Our location is in Carrollton, TX, and we provide services to the people in the surrounding areas.

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