Wheel Remanufacturing in DFW

Damaged wheels need to be repaired. Not only due to aesthetic reasons, but also because of structural reasons. Continuing to drive on a damaged wheel can continue to worsen the problem. Wheel Repair Solutions can provide you with the services that you are needing done.

We Do Wheel Remanufacturing

Whether your wheels are slightly damaged or substantially damaged, we can help. Wheel Repair Solutions is knowledgeable in various brands of wheels, but our specialty is alloy wheels. If you are in a situation with damaged wheels, you should come and see us to determine the best resolution to fix the issue. Severe damage can only be resolved with remanufacturing services. 

Some steps that we take during this process are:

  • Wheel Welding
  • CNC Machine
  • Powder Coating
  • Polishing

Common Questions

Questions are advised and always welcome at Wheel Repair Solutions. We encourage you to call us with any information you are confused about, curious about, or just need answering. Some of the most common ones that people ask us are listed below. 

What Are Alloy Wheels?

Ally wheels are a strong and durable option for you to have for your vehicle. They are constructed of aluminum or magnesium. Instead of being pure metal, they are a mixture of substances. 

Can A Cracked Wheel Be Repaired?

Most of the time, yes, we can fix a cracked rim. The extent of the damage will play a role in the ability to successfully fixing it. You should call our office and talk with a team member for better information. 

Do Rims Go Bad?

Most people do not pay attention to their rims unless a problem occurs. It is advised to do regular visual checks on your rims; a technician is probably already doing this during your maintenance services. But, rims will take on wear and tear over time and need to be replaced. 

Do You Live In DFW?

Dallas Fort Worth is an outstanding area in Texas. There are over 7,000,000 residents between the thirteen counties that are a part of this metroplex. 

DFW is one of the largest and most populated areas in the United States. The area is among the top five for the largest in Texas. It is our pleasure to provide services to this area and the surrounding community

Call Wheel Repair Solutions

Wheel Repair Solutions is here to help you with your wheel remanufacturing needs. We understand the needs and desires that you have to have the problems resolved. We are pleased to provide you with the top-notch and attentive customer service that you are looking for. Call us today for more information about our services, prices, and to make an appointment. 

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