Wheel Repair Near Grand Prairie Texas

Since 2001 Wheel Repair Solutions has been helping customers with their rim repair, wheel remanufacturing, and wheel refinishing all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We take pride in all our services and can help you with cosmetic changes as well as bent rims or curb rash damage. We service a variety of vehicles and work on leased and owned vehicles.

Wheel Repair Services You Want

When we work on your vehicle, we do not believe in rushing through the job just to get it done. Our team has been trained and has years of experience providing quality services that will leave you happy. Our team knows how to repair your wheels to make them look brand new, and we know repairing rather than replacing can save you money.

If your wheel has experienced significant damage, wheel remanufacturing may be a cost-effective solution for you. This can include structural damage, considerable bending, cracks, and missing pieces. Our team uses welding, a CNC lathe, powder coating, and vibratory wheel polishing to bring your wheel back to life. This method is reserved for when regular wheel repair services are not enough. 

As always, if your wheel is too far gone, our team will also let you know. Your safety is one of our top priorities, and we would never let you ride around on a wheel that could put you and others in danger.

Wheel Repair FAQ

Here are a few of our most often asked questions! Should you have any questions, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Can you paint my factory wheels a different color?

Yes, our team offers wheel refinishing with a powder coating finish. We remove all the old colors and finish using chemicals so that we can then repaint them. This process works on alloy, steel, forged, cast, and even custom rims. 

How long does wheel repair take? 

We can have most wheels back to you the same day, depending on the extent of your damages. Worst case scenario is 24 hours, but call us first, and we can provide you with a better estimate. 

Services Near Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie is part of the Mid-Cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with a population of over 175,000. The city was established in 1863 by Dechman Alexander McRae Dechman and named after the town of Big Prairie, Ohio. Grand Prairie has many notable people, including Selena Gomez, Billy Miller, Kerry Wood, and Jennifer McFalls, who resided here. Our team has you covered if you are in Grand Prairie, and surrounding areas looking for wheel repairs.

Let Us Help

At Wheel Repair Solutions, we are passionate about making our customer’s wheels look brand new. Our team works hard to provide our customers quality service and get them back on the road quickly. If you are looking to make an appointment, give us a call today. We can be reached at 972-242-6700.

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