Wheel Repair in Plano, TX 75023

When the people of Plano, Texas come to Wheel Repair Solutions, you can expect excellent care. We will make sure that every rim that comes through here comes out looking like new. It’s very important to us to work with local businesses and car owners when it comes to fixing scratched and bent rims.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Our team knows how important your car is to you. We are here to help you keep those rims and wheels looking good. Here are just a few of the great services we offer.


  • Wheel Refinishing – Want those wheels looking brand new? This is the service for you! It doesn’t matter if your rims are scratched up or need painted, they are going to need refinished.
  • Bent Rim Repair – If you have a bent rim, the experts here can fix that for you. 
  • Wheel Remanufacturing – To do this you will need a CNC machine, powder coating, wheel polishing, and wheel welding. We offer all these to our customers.

Our team is here to help you with all your wheel repair needs. We look forward to helping you get your and keep your wheels looking their best. 

Serving Plano, Texas

We are thrilled to serve the great people of Plano, Texas and the surrounding areas. Plano is only about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas. Most of Plano, Texas lies within Collin County with a small portion within Denton County. 

There is a wide range of schools and libraries in the area for your children. We know education is important to parents and are thrilled to have so many resources for you and your family. 

Call Us Today

The team at Wheel Repair Solutions are ready to help you get your wheel’s looking their best to ride around Plano, Texas. Call us today so we can get you an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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