Wheel Repair Machine in Coppell, Texas

Trust the group of certified technicians at Wheel Repair Solutions for all your wheel needs. We help with the service, maintenance, and repair of your rims and wheels. We are the leading experts in wheel repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area and look forward to helping you.

Wheel Repair Team

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been around since 2001. Our certified technicians love what they do and that makes our work stand out. You will not be disappointed when you leave your vehicle with us.

Wheel Services We Offer

We offer high-quality rim repair and refurbishing to our customers. We can offer this because of our specialized wheel repair and equipment machines. Some of our top-notch services include: 

  • Wheel refinishing where we refinish the surface to look new
  • Remanufacturing for extensive rim damage
  • Bent rim repair for bent rims instead of replacing them

When we combine our patent systems and attention to detail we can have your rims looking as good as new in as little as 45 minutes in our shop. We also work directly with car owners as well as local businesses to make sure all our customers are taken care of.

Friends in Coppell Texas

We love serving our customers in Coppell Texas and surrounding areas. Coppell is a suburb of Dallas and has an approximate population of 39,000 people. The area was settled by German and French immigrants in the 1840s and was later incorporated in 1955. Although originally a farming village with the addition of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in 1974 the city was transformed into a large suburban community. 

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If you have hit a pothole, got some curbside scratches, or are just looking for a new look, Wheel Repair Solutions has you covered. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to get your rims looking great.

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