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Here at Wheel Repair Solutions in Dallas, we are proud to offer our services, including professional rim repair and wheel straightening, to the community. We provide high-quality rim repair and refurbishing to car owners and local businesses with our specialized wheel repair equipment and machine. Our experienced team will restore your rims to look good as new.

Wheel Remanufacturing

Even severely damaged wheels can be repaired

Wheel Refinishing

Wheel refinishing is an affordable way to give your rims a makeover

Bent Rim Repair

Have your bent rim repaired instead of replaced

Wheel Repair Services

Most wheels are completely restored in just under 45 minutes by our custom wheel repair specialists. We are able to do an on-site rim repair in specific situations, but most of our customers bring their cars to our shop. In our shop, we have the ability to handle the rim remanufacturing process with our wheel repair equipment. 

During the remanufacturing process, we are able to take care of cosmetic damage, replace missing metal, and handle bent rims whether you have an alloy wheel or another material.

Wheel damage? We’ll fix it

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Our Services

Wheel Refinishing

Whether your rims are scraped up from road debris or the curb, we can refinish the surface to look new. We offer wheel refinishing in our shop with our wheel repair machine to car owners and local businesses. Restore the look of your rims without the cost of buying something new. 


When a wheel has extensive damage, we’ll evaluate whether or not it is a good candidate for remanufacturing. Some damage is too great and can be a safety hazard, which is why we’ll let you know if it is not a good option. This service includes welding, CNC technology, powder coating, and polishing. Our professional rim repair experts have the ability to fully remake a rim to look like new. 

Bent Rim Repair

It doesn’t take much to bend the rims on your wheels, especially if they are light. Bent rims are fixed by a process that heats the alloy and allows our experts to re-shape the metal. Instead of replacing the alloy wheel, you can have it repaired at a fraction of the cost. 

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If you are looking for wheel repair near you, get in touch with us today. Our professional rim repair staff is ready to take your call and schedule you for a time to drop off your car. We know how to fix a bent rim in our shop and we’ll restore it to look new. 

Call now so that we can help you! We look forward to working with you.

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